Solve Your Twitter DM Spam Issues

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    I’m sure you’ve all experienced it on Twitter, you get a DM saying the following..

    “i made $426.23 online today with”
    “hi, i just got a bunch of ringtones from here:”
    “OMG I can’t believe I found you”
    “you look so funny on here”
    “i can’t stop laughing at this..”
    “Make money from home you’re guaranteed $3,000-$8,000 a month”

    All the messages end with a link, suffice to say it’s not a good idea to click the link. As it’s simply malware spam and you’re likely to be spreading the problem if you do. From what i’ve seen the links normally always takes you to a page that looks similar to Twitter’s home page, but if you look at the web address, it isn’t actually from Twitter.
    When you login, you’ll get redirected to the real Twitter and most likely not realize anything has happened. In the meantime, you’ve just communicated your username and password to some random hacker. Put simply, clicking the URL in the DMs and logging in causes your Twitter account to be compromised and to end spam to your followers.

    So here’s how to solve the problem, go to the usual and change your password (you may also want to clear your cache at this time) Next, go to your list of applications at and “revoke access” to any application you don’t remember allowing. Realistically you should be able to solved the problem after that, but if not; i’d love to hear from you.

    The original article is posted here at SocialColleague.
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    Dec 29, 2011
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    very good !! i just be worried for so many message for my account i looking for some way to solve this ....
  3. ThirdSEO

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    I wish there was a better way to proactively prevent spam. I get so much spam on my accounts with over 1,000 followers...
    "hey have you hear the bad things this person is saying about you?"
    "lose weight blah blah exercise so you won't die"
    "hey :)"
    Twitter needs to offer users better ways of dealing with spam.

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