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    Hey guys, since I saw this promotional tab, I decided to explain a little about the company I work for.

    Lendbox is an Indian Peer-to-Peer lending platform, which gets creditworthy borrowers and willing investors together to transact on short to medium term personal loans.


    Lendbox goes beyond conventional forms of risk analysis of the borrower in order to serve a broader user base. Banks typically look at CIBIL or other credit bureau scores to make loan decisions. Lendbox takes into account 1000s of data points to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower such as net salary, expenditure trends, locality of stay, educational qualification, utility and mobile bills, asset holding, Investments, Credit card bills and online spending behavior etc. This approach ensures that individuals with a less favourable CIBIL score are also likely to get a loan through our platform if they are credit worthy as our proprietary machine learning algorithm generates a more holistic credit profile of the borrower.

    Lendbox offers borrowers with the convenience to getting loans while sitting at home without having to visit a bank numerous times to sign papers and other formalities

    We ensure that the process is completely transparent with no hidden charges levied on the borrower

    Lendbox offers a streamlined and efficient approach to personal finance making the process a very pleasant experience for the borrowers

    Here's a little catalogue of our services:

    If interested in any of these services then do check out our website.
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