Since Health Is Part Of Personal Development

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    Here are results of a Statistics Canada survey on fitness habits among Canadians from 2007 to 2009. *The fitness statistics are indeed very grim. *Statistics Canada wanted to find out how many people do at least 150 minutes of at least moderate to intense level exercise per week. It turns out that only 15% of adults in Canada get enough exercise per week (17% for men, 14% for women).

    This is not just for adults either as the Statistics Canada survey covered kids as well and the data for children are even more dismal. Only 7% of kids from age 7 to 17 get enough exercise (9% for boys, 4% for girls). Parents of children should take extra note of these results as it relates to their kids because the study also suggests that kids get even more sedentary as they grow older.

    The way I feel it is that personal development should include health. *When you work so hard in personal development for your career for example, it's little use if you will not be healthy enough to actually enjoy the fruits of your labour. The fitness statistics are for Canada only but I would think that other industrialized nations would have similar data. *

    So I would be curious. *Based on your observations in the area in which you live and work, would you say that these StatsCan figures are on par with what's happening in your community as well? *What's your feeling when you see such figures here?

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