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    Hi Guys,
    It shouldn’t take 2+ hours to figure out how to add a company logo to a SharePoint site! But that’s how long it took me the other day.
    I’ve got SharePoint installed on my server (I think it’s SharePoint 2007, but as there’s no ‘branding’ that I can see, I have no idea which version it is). I wanted to set up an internal website in preparation for some software that I’ll be installing in the next few weeks that links into SharePoint. I’ve used SharePoint before, but way back in the early days. I found it very clunky to configure at the time, and, as a user of another company’s SharePoint 2003 installation, I found it incredibly hard to search because so much ‘stuff’ got dumped into multiple SharePoint subsites, it was hard to figure out where you were. I hated it.

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