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    Courtesy is the key features of business writing tips,guided by the principles of courtesy letter to set a good image of the enterprise, thus promoting business activities smoothly. Author pragmatics of politeness in business starting in the use of English in order to better play its role in business communication.

    First, the politeness principles

    Politeness requires that people in the communication to minimize the damage to others, enabling their views; minimizing the depreciation of others, the appreciation of their own; minimize inconsistencies in the views of others and feelings of the opposition. Broadly speaking, politeness is in the other conditions being equal, the less impolite beliefs to a minimum, some of the hearer or a third party who is not polite, then do not say or omitted, or mildly, indirectly, say so. Politeness details are as follows:

    1 tact maxim: minimize the expression of detrimental to the views of others.
    2 generosity maxim: to reduce the expression of self-interest point of view.
    3 approbation maxim: less derogatory expression to others.
    4 modesty maxim: to reduce their praise.
    5 agreement maxim: reduce their own and other inconsistencies in point of view.
    6 sympathy maxim: to reduce their own and others, the emotional opposition.

    Thus we can conclude: the courtesy of communication under the guidance of the principles of both sides should try to give each other some convenience or benefit to each other, respect each other, but also to get the other side of their goodwill, thereby helping to promote bilateral business activities carried out smoothly, so Politeness Principles in Business Writing in English plays a strong guiding role.

    Second: the use of polite language

    Language is the carrier of information and tools to express emotion. In order to listen and speak more smoothly between the exchanges to build a bridge, in order to establish a good personal image, in order to avoid embarrassment or conflict communication , people want to use polite language. English business writing should be more active use of the rich emotional polite language. For example:

    1 We are pleased to make the following offer, subject to your reply reaching us by April 30.
    2 We shall appreciate it if you will endeavor to ship the consignment as the following.
    3 Kindly send us 2 Bills of Lading by separate mail, together with your draft at 30 days for accept 2 ace.
    Listen as shown above, "be pleased to, appreciate?

    "if, kindly "and other such polite language use, not only to pass each other happy, grateful, joy and other positive emotions can also make further demands tactful, so that the success of business cooperation can play a positive role in promoting.

    B to highlight the other based

    Highlight the other so-called standard, that is, to place themselves on each other's position, fully consider each other's interests, needs, desires, respect, understanding, praise each other's point of view, from each other, understand each other's problems, situation, this could make their own more realistic requirements, so as to lay a more co-operation between a good foundation. Therefore, in order to reflect the principles of politeness in English business writing tips, the person I try not to use or should we start with you, to highlight You attitude.

    1 If you are interested in any of the items, please don't hesitate to tell us.
    2 The items you order have been ready.
    Please let us known when we can receive the covering L/ C, upon receipt of which, we will effect shipment without delay [3].
    3 To meet your requirement we are willing to make some concessions to cut 3% of our price if the quantity of your individual purchase is not less than 50 tons.

    easy to see from the above examples, whether your goal is to provide information, persuade others or to enhance friendship, the most touched people's word is "you" and "your".

    C the use of euphemistic tone

    In business communication, both sides will inevitably be differences, in order not to offend others by direct discourse, it is recommended in writing business letters in English to make use of gentle, tactful tone. To express the tone of euphemism in the business letter writing in English can be the proper use of semantic ambiguity of words such as "I'm afraid, I think, I believe" or the use of the subjunctive, the form of questions. business writing tips For example:

    1 I'm afraid we can't accept "Cash Against Document on arrival of goods at destination".
    2 As the sale was on CIF basis, we suggest that you should contact the forwarding company with regard to compensation.
    3 Could you make payment by irrevocable L / C?

    Apart from the above Table A few other ways, modal verbs, conditional sentences, passive voice, the use of past tense can also play a role in easing tone. Euphemistic tone avoids the direct command or blame each other, easily accepted by, play a catalytic role of business communication.

    Third, the conclusion

    In business dealings, business correspondence is not only a medium for communication, is to establish friendship means to attract customers. Features and functions business letter business letter determines the principles that must be courteous, and its written on the company's business success has extremely important implications.

    Therefore, in the daily business activities, we should pay attention to business English writing the use of politeness, so as to better promote the smooth business cooperation.Reprinted specify the source

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