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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by elids1979, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    hey guys
    sorry for bombing the forum with questions
    i intend to import clothes to my country (israel) and sell them via the internet
    mainly talking about branded shirts such as tommy and polo
    who ever i present the idea tells me the same thing: How can i measure them before i buy them?
    I feel like this could be my biggest problem to get the amount of clients i need
    Any creative solutions, that dont include opening a shop?
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    Nov 18, 2007
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    No need to be sorry elids1979, that's what we are here for and we welcome your business questions. An Irish business man Ben Dunne, who started selling clothes online, told his customers that his clothes were the same size as those in a high street clothing chain. This meant that they could visit the clothing store and try the clothes for size, before ordering them online, at a lower cost. A bit sneaky, but perhaps something similar could work for you.

    The first post in that thread, also contains an interesting video on innovative technology that allows consumers to try clothes on, online. It's most probably not practical for a new business start up like yours, however, it is always good to know what is going on in your industry.

    Maybe you need to target existing customers of those major brands. For example, existing purchasers of Ralph Lauren T-Shirts, will know their size and may be prepared to buy from your site, if you can offer them lower prices than the high street stores.

    Another important factor will be to have a very friendly returns policy. This will give customers the confidence to purchase from you, in the knowledge that they can easily return or exchange a garment that doesn't fit.

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