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    hello guys,
    I have started a new business this year,
    it is going well, but hard to promote, my product is unique and not known to the public, thus very hard to promote.
    I am making sales but not enough for me to be satisfied.
    plus, I am putting lots of effort to get each customer, most of them I get physically showing my product.
    well, the product is Golden Stickers, its a great way to decorate almost anything with gold, from company logos, to your mobile phone and even cars..
    anyone has any idea how to pump up the sales and exposure?
    I have a website: but I generate most of my business from other sales platforms.
    it is new business, and I would really appreciate if anyone has some points for promoting new and unique products on market which people don't really know, but actually loving it once they try.
    Again its much more difficult to promote new product then something that is already known to public and they are actually looking for it.
    thanks a head,

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    What other sales platforms do you use? Your product is so unique, seeing it in person is probably the best way to promote and sell it right now. I'm not surprised that you don't generate much traffic from the website, it needs work. Because the product is so unique, you need to do more than just show pictures of it on the website. You also have other items on the website. If this is the main website for your business, and you are selling other items, you should probably have a different domain name for this website. should be for a website devoted solely to golden stickers. That's your product, that's what you should concentrate on.
    You definitely need more content on your pages. You want to get people excited about this new product, you don't want them to come to the website, see nothing there and then leave. Your product pages need to be organized a little better as well. Why are scooters listed on the right of the page, but they don't link anywhere? Someone needs to go through the website and redesign it to make it more compelling, and mire user-friendly. Right now it's just stuff thrown up on webpages, with almost no organization at all. Once you have a user-friendly, easily navigable website, then you can worry about promotion.

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