Self Serve Ad Platforms: Pros and Cons

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    While starting any new deal or aspect of business development one usually has a headache over two same matters: where and how to begin and how to make it easy and effective in one’s case. This also concerns web-advertising for smaller advertisers. Strictly speaking, any advertising campaign consists of three main stages demanding not only plenty of time and forces of the whole team, but also tons of budget dollars. Of course, that suits for large companies and corporations and impossible for small and medium-size businesses. Actually, any advertiser has three possible ways of his campaign’s implementation: either to do everything using own resources, or outsource the whole process to any of thousands of agencies operating at the advertising marketplace nowadays, or, finally, use a self serve ad platform. Let’s look at the matter from a variety of angles as concerning each of three steps in your advertising campaign.

    First of all, any advertiser needs to get a banner – the most popular and effective tool of internet advertising. In case of independent implementation you should be ready either to spend a lot of money for hiring a professional designer and much nerves and time for supervising the process of banner creation, or your own forces and time for studying the necessary software and design principles – in case you like to make a banner by yourself. If you choose the outsourcing variant for the banner work-out stage it will mop up much of your advertising budget as well. Though, the process control might be both easier or more complicated – everything depends upon your contracting agency. Anyway, in case of any of these ways – self-implementation or outsourcing – banner creating step usually takes much money, nerves, forces and time. However, the result is unpredictable instead – that’s just normal for creative matters. Moreover, later on you can face another problem: banner size’s adjustment for demands of different web-sites where your banner will be displayed.

    At the same time, self serve ad platforms offer you a possibility to upload your banner to the platform database by means of your account. Sometimes it seems to be dull – having one and the same banner for the whole campaign, however it’s just a pickup for small budget advertising start-up. – For example, 20 dollars per 1 week will be enough for starting your campaign by means of self-serve advertising.

    Another question to answer is “Where to advertise?”. In other words, how to target the affinity audience. Frankly speaking, this is a real deal breaker for pretty much of campaigns – either implemented by big companies or started by smaller advertisers. At the same time, this stage is of great importance while making direct influence upon future results of your campaign. Anyway, targeting of sites’ visitors and choosing the sites for banner displaying costs much money and is really devil of a job of professionals. Imagine you’re doing this by yourselves: at the bare mention of hundreds or even thousands of websites, which are under review and demands your email, phone or Skype contact the administration, anyone is going to become panic-stricken. Concerning the outsourcing to the agency you can’t be sure their targeting sites casting will be effective and objective as the contractor’s stuff may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick as for your targets, otherwise they might also have their preferences for these or that web-resources. So, this stage will be opaque for you.

    However, targeting your audience with help of self serve advertising is first of all very simple: starting your campaign just make your choice between such regions, as Great Britain, USA and global displaying of your banner. You don’t need even learn all this boring statistics of visiting: just select what territory you’d like to display your banner preferably. The rest will be made by the self serve ad platform – it automatically choose the list of the sites where to place your banner. On the other hand, one can think such an approach very rough for precise targeting, though in case of SME advertising start-ups it’s probably the best possible way as geo-targeting is of extreme importance for smaller advertisers’ campaigns.

    Finally, any advertiser, despite of business size and campaign budget, should have effective means of tracking and monitoring the advertising process, or, in other words, controlling cost spending. Needless to say, the more people are involved into the implementation process the higher are risks of ineffective and unreasonably costly advertising. Of course, small and medium-size enterprises can’t allow taking the risks of the kind. That’s why, the best way of process monitoring for limited budget campaigns is to buy ads online through self serve ad platforms as the latter allows objective and exhaustive online statistics of visiting and clicking.

    As a matter of experience, the self serve advertising is the most effective way for SME, such as online marketing enthusiasts and internet entrepreneurs, because user-friendly and easy-to-use self serve ad platform with high degree of automation allows quick start of the campaign fitting the small budget and get the best possible effect.

    Starting new run use McTraffics Self Serve Advertising Platform – – and estimate the simplicity and traffic quality.

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