Seeking help, advice and funding for 20,000m potential drilling project!!

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    To whom this may concern,

    Basically I have been offered a drilling contract overseas. I would like to ask any company if interested, of becoming a partnership to assist me getting this venture established for prosperous years in the future. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this matter further for any interest and queries.

    Please see below a description of basic job details (Please note the following is an email that has been sent from the potential client to myself and has been edited for locations and names. Also please note that if you like one thing about anything you read please get in touch with me as this is an urgent matter):

    I have been away from Oz for quite a while, so I am out of the loop with what is required these days. I am going to need a drilling company for heavy mineral sands for the later half of this year for over 12 months. Look into man portable sonic drills, or anything that is better than a banka, or dormer drill, so we can take plastic lined tube samples per metre to a max depth of 10m. It would be jungle bashing, or on boats, hence needing to be man portable (we’d need 3 probably, expat driller, local labour). From that you could expand into an aircore Toyota rig to drill the max depth 16m average 8m. Everything shipped into a few 20 foot containers. Most of those rates would be $25-$35/m and aircore maybe a touch more. Stuff like this mate would make you more money faster to be honest, but you wouldn’t be at home each night. Working for yourself however is how you make money!

    Let’s take things step by step first:

    The mineral sands drilling will be >10,000m in the first 12 months. This stuff is pretty easy drilling, as it is essentially drilling sand, then ~20cm into bedrock. The key is the correct method of drilling. we have had quotes and to buy their gear it is ~$35,000 USD for the handheld drill and maybe a further $15,000 for spares and consumables. They claimed they could drill 200m a day through tailings dams (similar to mineral sands), our stuff will be wet however and the movement between drill sites will be a pain. 7-10 holes spaced 50m apart ~3-7m max depth on 500m spaced profile lines through thick tropical forest. So everything has to be man portable (the local fellas are strong a heck, so a 30-40kg genset, or chain ladder they carry on their head)

    Historically a “Banka” drill set up was developed around the Malaysian tin alluvial mines around the 1880’s. But they do not give a very good sample and they need lots of cheap labour and they are still in operation in parts of the world today..

    There is also a “Dormer” drilling method, which is basically a big corkscrew like a large power drill and was a more recent method, but that also has problems with sample recovery.

    A sonic drill is the better option, but then the problem of portability comes into it. Remember the quick set up, drill and short holes….so you would be moving sites I think at least 8-10 times per day, which would mean maybe ~50m per drill per dayshift (no working night shift)

    Have a call around some Oz drilling companies that do work in Mineral sands, find out who does drilling for Iluka down south. They don’t have the access issues we would have. Our holes will also be wet and there is a bit of a labourious geological sampling procedure that has to be followed at the end of each sample run. The rutile work would continue for a number of years and likely expand.

    If you do your research first and see whether it might be a practicable option for you. I can certainly lean the contract towards your way, since I am the chief geo, but obviously all the relevant boxes have to be ticked.

    The " " would also be along the lines of 5,000 to 10,000m and ideally what is required is a Toyota 4wd, or 6wd tray back with a light aircore rig on the back. Ideally the aircore rig should be able to be removed and installed on a A frame for more remote access in certain areas. This rig would get loads of ongoing work in ' ' with various companies, including ours. Hell, the other option would be a small diamond rig, but the probably with that is diamond core gets too expensive quick, hence why we are looking at aircore. Both programs would be run at the same time and they are several hundred km’s apart.

    Bear in mind, you would want to keep your costs to a minimum and only have a single driller/mechanic on each rig and train locals as quick as possible, because they are a few dollars per day!!!

    This is a matter of urgency as the opportunity will end soon. This project has a definate potential of expansion in contracts not just with the one company but with others and more jobs over the years.

    Working over the years within the drilling industry I have had the opportunity of meeting people that now have positions in various different fields of industry and due to my work ethic and personal history, my work has been recognised and this is what has been offered to me. I see the huge potential in this. I hope you do too.

    Could I please ask someone to get back to me as soon as possible as to whether your company is interested and would be willing to assist with this opportunity.

    Thanks and Kind Regards

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