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Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by mnada1998, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Jul 12, 2018
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    I own a bunch of ecommerce stores (all of them selling for drop ship suppliers) and I've spent the past seven years living all over the states while typically working about four hours per day managing orders, building new sites and testing different traffic methods.

    Anyway, about four months ago I planned my first extended trip abroad and flew to Thailand. My plan was to stay for 3 months but that's quickly been extended to "I'll be home for the holidays".

    I love it here and this is the perfect place for internet marketers.

    What's so great about it?
    • Fast Internet
    • Great Weather
    • Amazing Food
    • Nice People
    • Gorgeous Scenery
    • Great Culture
    • HUGE "lifestyle business owner" Community
    • Low Cost of Living
    Just to give you some ideas of the expenses out here I'm currently paying $400/month for an ultra modern condo that overlooks the city and the mountains. My building has 2 pools (one on the roof), a gym, sauna, steam room, room service, laundry service, 2 restaurants and a massage parlor. I pay $80/month for a Crossfit membership and I pay $80/month for a motorbike rental. I probably spend about $700 - $1000/month on food and entertainment but I'm not eating street food. I'm going to really nice restaurants and partying on the weekends.
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    Sep 20, 2018
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    Great post. Thank you for sharing. I am also thinking to move to Thailand and start my online business there. Any difficulties you faced with your online business there?

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