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    RPGMakerMV is a game development forum based on RPG Maker. Members there are all avid game makers, most of them are coders, programmers, and artists as they are all game makers. The reason the post states that it get's 100k-200k a month is because this month I pulled a noob move and forgot to add analytics to my new theme I have. When I transitioned the theme the views, etc. died down a lot! Almost 2 weeks, thus why the statistics for this month is bad. However, because of such I will not be selling the ads at full price I normally do :)

    Here are my previous stats.

    These stats look bad though as I forgot to change the analytics code when I changed the theme of my forum :/

    Currently I'm only offering a 200x200 adspot in the sidebar.

    For a 200x200 adspot in the sidebar the price is normally $25 a month, but seeing as there is less views because of a mistake on my end, I'm marking it down to $15 a month until the views get back up to 200k.

    Please send me a PM if you're interested in this offer.
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