Rescue Your Locked Computer with Windows Password Reset Disk

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    If you’re afraid of losing data when re-installing system as you forgot computer password, here is another choice: rescue your locked computer with Windows Password Reset Disk.

    Creating a Windows password reset disk is the easiest and most convenient way to help us reset Windows password. But the disk only works in a certain account you’ve created, if you changed the Windows password for that account, it still works. So you needn’t have to create a new reset disk when changing the password. Below are the steps of how to create a Windows password reset disk.

    How to create a Windows password reset disk before password is forgotten.

    1. To complete these steps, you will need removable media such a USB flash drive or floppy disk.

    Start ->Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Select the user that needed to set a disk. Choose "Prevent a forgotten password" on the left of Related Tasks.

    2. Prepare a blank USB flash drive and then do the following operation as the Forgotten Password Wizard.

    3.When the progress indicator displays 100% complete, click “Next” and then Finish.

    4. Remove the floppy disk from PC and keep it.

    Of course, now you can recover the lost Windows password with the Windows password recovery disk!

    1. In the Windows logon window, click “Reset Password”.

    2.Insert your password reset disk and then click on “Reset password" option to open Password Reset Wizard. Click next button to continue.

    3. Select the password reset disk from the drop down box. Click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

    4. Enter a new password and then type password again to confirm.

    5. Click the next button and then click “Finish” button to close the wizard.

    6. Now enter a new password for your user account.

    How to create a Windows password recovery disk after password was forgotten.

    After your Windows password is forgotten, you cannot create a password recovery disk in the same way as discussed above. But you need assistance from a certain third party application. So in order to create a Windows password reset CD or USB you need the following things and have the below instructions (how to create a Windows password reset CD) as a reference.

    Step1: Login any other available computer, Free download and install Windows Password Key .

    Step2: Prepare for a blank CD and then burn the Windows Password Key ISO files to it.

    Step3: Insert the newly created or burned CD into your locked computer, next reboot the PC.

    Step4: Set your locked PC boot from CD.

    Step5: When the CD boots you’ll see Windows Password Key initializing. Then just follow the command prompts there to remove the forgotten Windows password.

    The above are the guides on how to create a Windows password reset CD. As for how to make a Windows password reset USB, the method is exactly the same as the former one. But the only difference is that you will need a Windows Password Key Professional, instead of Standard. This can also be found in Google. Once successfully created, make sure you store it in a safe place.

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