Real-time customer feedback and survey management solution

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    Wiinnova Software Labs is a specialized web and mobile app development company focused on creating great and intuitive user experiences. We make business processes efficient by implementing and deploying tailor-made solutions for the new generation enterprise. Our tablet-based customer feedback solution called FeedbacQ enables companies to get live feedback and measure customer experiences. The solution helps in analyzing data to drive strategic business decisions from a customer point of view.
    Key Features:

    - Streamline business decision-making process from a customer point of view
    - Analyze and take corrective action based on customer sentiments
    - Compare feedback from various periods to track progress and gain insights on customer satisfaction index.
    - Push customized content onto customers through various channel to generate more reviews and engagement on various social media platforms

    The price of FeedbacQ is USD 15/tablet/month. And we provide free 30-days full featured demo version that can be deployed in a matter of hours. Screenshot-2018-1-10 FeedbacQ Dashboard.png on.
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