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    I posted this in the wrong section before.

    Hello everybody,

    I recently found this forum and I have decided to give everything I can.

    My name is Rob.

    There is a huge problem with business websites today.

    Most of the websites that I see are very badly constructed and their owners just sit around and get frustrated that they don't make enough sales. I even see online shops with a cost of 2-5000$ in which the designers just put whatever wherever without even careing or put any logic in what they are doing. But its not their fault, because they are just designer and they are not supposed to know how to create an online business website.

    In my expirience I have learned that the design of your website is KEY to driving sales.

    Untill recently I have worked for a American web design company as a designer cunsultant, but I quit and now I want to spread everything that I have learned to the world.

    If you have any questions about how you can increase your online sales by changing bits of your design,
    if you are not completely sure in the design, or you just need an expert opinion - just ask me.

    I will make a short analysis of your website and I will show you how to design it in such a way that you drive more sales in.
    And I don't want any money in return. I'm just doing it because I like it and LOVE helping people solve their problems and help their lives in any way possible

    I am tottaly devoted to helping you, write below or pm me.

    cheers fellas

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