Publishing personal information when registering a US trademark

Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by Lauren, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Hi everyone.

    I recently launched a US-based online store as a hobby, not for primary income. I started looking into registering a trademark in the US and learned my name and address will be available to the public if I register as a sole proprietor. I do not want my personal information, primarily legal name, available to the public so I looked into other alternatives.

    I learned I could register as an LLC which allows me to use the business name when registering for a trademark, however the business is located in CA and I learned that LLCs must pay an annual fee of $800 for taxes. $800 is out of my budget since the business is a hobby, so it looks like registering for a trademark as a sole proprietor is the only option!

    Do you have experience with this? We are in a day and age where knowing a legal name can lead a person to other personal information. I am currently in the process of clearing search results for my legal name which is unique and easy to investigate on Google.

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