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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Russ Powers. I own a Web Solutions company located in Michigan called Freelance Designz! We provide professional and affordable web solutions such as web design, search engine optimization, web hosting, web master services and much more! I noticed there are a few people on here wondering about business websites and web design so I thought instead of posting to each individual thread, I would just start one of my own.

    One thing that I noticed over the last decade in the Web Development field is this.. Many people out there need websites but don't know where to start - I would suggest doing some research on the subject before investing time and money in a website project. Know what you want your website to do and what your ultimate goals are for your website.

    If you are planning on hiring a web designer, find out what additional services they will provide for you...
    1) Will they optimize your website?
    2) Will they help you learn how to moderate and update your website?
    3) Will they moderate and update your website for you?

    1- Search Engine Optimization is vital to the success of your website. You can have an awesome looking website but if it is not visible in search engines you most likely will not generate a good amount of traffic. If your website is not optimized right from the start you may end up getting stuck with a thousand dollar bill for search engine optimization!

    2. Many designers will design you an awesome website using static html/php/css/javascript/jquery - this makes it nearly impossible for you to make changes unless you have a background in web design. I have seen allot of people get stuck with a CMS based website and are left with no idea on how to use it! Make sure they will teach you how to update your website if they don't plan on doing themselves in the future. (My company provides 1 on 1 tutoring, business optimization, and published tutorials for our clients)

    3. If you designer does design you a "Static" website make sure they stick around so they can make changes for you. Same with Content Management Systems (CMS) that you don't know how to use. You could offer them an hourly or monthly rate to be your dedicated Webmaster (if they are interested of course)

    In close, I hope this little bit of information helps everyone out! I plan on posting more information for web design and search engine optimization here on the Business Advice Forum! But if you would like to find some more information in regards to web design and internet marketing, you can find allot on my companies website. We provide FREE SEO and eMarketing tips and update our blog monthly!

    Thanks for reading!

    - Russ Powers

    Freelance Designz - Michigan Web Design

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