Practical guides on Windows vista password bypass

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    I have a dell laptop that I forgot my password, it is vista system, and I wonder is there a way I can bypass windows vista password without reinstall the system?

    Forgot vista password? Don’t worry; it happens to most of us, there are several ways to help you bypass vista password.

    Use a Windows Vista password reset disk

    If you have created a vista password reset disk in the past, now it is the time to use it. Insert the disk and reboot the computer, when at the log in screen, click reset the password, then it will show you screen about the procedure. It just takes you a few times to regain access to your computer.

    It still works even if you’ve changed your windows vista password since creating the disk. After regain to your system, remember to reset your password to a complicated one and write it down.

    Have an account with Administrator rights

    See if there is other user accounts that have administrator rights on your computer, that kind of account would be able to bypass the password for you. See how to do it below

    A. Log in with that account, then go to Control Panel to change your lost admin account password.

    B. Restart your computer, press F8 to safe mode, then select Safe mode to enter. Click the user account which has administrator rights to enter the Command Prompt. In the dos, type “net user xxx 88888/add “(xxx is the locked account name and 88888 is the new password set on this account).Then you will see the Command Completed Successfully.

    With a Password Recovery Program

    If you have no vista password reset disk and you are the only user on your computer, then the only way is to use a password recovery program.

    Windows Password Key is that kind of windows password recovery program to help you bypass vista password in minutes without knowing the old one and reinstall your system, you can regain access the system without data loss.

    To bypass vista password with the program, you need to get a blank CD/DVD or just USB flash drive, then log in any available computer but not your locked one, download and install the program, then burn it to your disk. When finish, insert the disk to your locked computer or laptop and follow the instruction to bypass vista password in minutes.

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