Please allow meee to introduuuce myself...

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    ...I'm a man of wealth and taste (da da da dadada dadada..)

    I'll stop now.

    My name is Stephen Ondich. I work for a wood company in Fontana, California, USA. We make custom hardwood flooring, millwork and provide instrument wood to guitar manufacturers.

    We've had a website since opening in 2009. It was decent by 2009 standards but pretty basic/static. SEO was never really on our radar. Last year Microsoft ditched their webhosting service so we rebuilt with Wordpress on different host only to discover (to our horror) that the little SEO mojo we accumulated had evaporated. We're back on track now and trying to educate ourselves about SEO, online marketing techniques, etc. in a good/organic way.

    I look forward to participating!

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