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    Hello. I have had a pet supply business online since 2008. I have seen minimal profit, there is A LOT of competition in the business. Since I already have the resale license I am looking into opening my own store front. Leasing a small location and mainly carry dog food and cat food with some misc supplies. (may include fish, reptile, other small pet supplies depending on space). The community I will be serving is on the uprise we have had some big business move in within the last few years, tractor supply, michelle’s, big lots, etc. But there really isn’t anywhere that offers the “name brand” dog food besides 1 store which is limited to the brands and then just the grocery store brands. Now tractor supply has opened and I believe they carry some dog food. This is why I am second thinking this idea. The closest PetCo and Pet Smart is 30 miles waya. Many people travel to these Petco and Pet Smart because there is no where else to get this food. I already have the distributors lined up, which is an advantage that they are in driving distance that I can go to the warehouse and pick them up, which will remove the freight cost. Good idea or not? This is in the state of Pennsylvania.

    1. By a our WalMart there is a location for $13 sq ft + $5.31 sf tax, insurance, etc. for a 3000 sq ft suite.
    2. By a grocery store and auto zone, where a block buster used to be there is a 4,725 sf, another 7,060 sf price is negotiable.
    3. By Staples there is a location for $10 sq ft + $3.62 sf NNN the space is 2640 sf or can be subdivided into 1620 sf or 1020 sf
    4. By Tractor Supply and Biglots there is a location for $12 sf + $1.42sf in nets? Spaces include 2000 sf or 3000 sf.

    Does anyone know of any websites where I can get statistics of the community and the pet supply business? Live pets will not be sold. Any advise would be great. I believe the startup cost would be minimal.

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