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    Try this one...
    Very cool site...

    If you paid for the activities you have been doing on a regular basis, what is your respond?

    "People String" pay you for every email and postal mail you receive (even if you do not read), and pays you for socializing activities. People String also pay $ 0.50 for each person you add, plus pay commissions to level 6 for 2% -20%.

    People String have become part of the five big powers with members mostly from the United States and Canada. Predicted to explode over Twitter and Facebook.

    Take your position early now...

    Sign up for FREE here (you can copy and paste) :

    Registration process:
    1. Click Sign up now.
    2. Fill in your username.
    3. For a free list select Free Account.
    4. Fill out the form.
    5. Login.
    6. Click Mailbox Cashbox.
    7. Click Take your survey.
    8. Answered the survey.
    9. Done. A few weeks later a letter will come to your house that contains confidential code. Use this code to enable it to begin the process flow of Dollars into your account.

    Note: We recommend using a special email in Gmail. Don't using yahoo because yahoo can often be interference.

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