PayPal Fees Calculator Pro app for Windows in the Windows Store

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    Hello there, I have recently developed a Pro version of my PayPal Fees Calculator.
    For your information there is a free version as well, if you'd like to try that first. ;)
    Free Version: PayPal Fees Calculator app for Windows in the Windows Store

    The PRO version, however, has additional features that are especially useful if you send payments abroad or if you use PayPal regularly (e.g. in business).
    There are more features planned for future releases as well. Right now I'm just figuring out how to implement these features so please do bear with me. :cool:
    The Free Version will not be receiving any more new features though I'll keep it updated with bug fixes (if needby...I think I've fixed all the bugs now though).

    The PRO version is available on the App Store for £0.99 (UK) or $1.49 (USA). It's also available in many other countries as well for the equivalent of £0.99.
    By downloading the PRO version you are not only getting access to additional features but you're also supporting me, the developer, which is always nice. :)


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    So, what's new in the PRO version?

    • Ability to calculate currency conversions (for example, if someone sent you a payment in USD but your bank account is in GBP).
    • Ability to calculate at the PayPal Merchant Rates...useful for businesses (free version only calculates at PayPal Standard Rate).
    PRO Version: PayPal Fees Calculator Pro app for Windows in the Windows Store

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