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    Welcome to Admin Retail. We are a paid2post / marketplace community. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy and resourceful online marketplace for any forum and web entrepreneurs. Buy, sell and exchange domains, themes, websites & forums, plugins etcetera. Join our discussions and get paid for posting.

    Paid to post on our community: We reward you for your content and contributions. If you like discussing anything web related, general chat, you'll feel at home really fast. Why not give it a shot and get yourself paid for your posting ? 1 post = 1 credit, 1 topic = 2 credits. 1000 credits can be exchanged for 25USD through paypal.

    Some of our features:​
    • Online Marketplace: Sell, buy and trade items, products and services. This being but not limited to, domains, websites, forums, themes, plugins, exchanges, services, graphics, special requests, Auctions and special official offers, etc.​
    • Feedback system.​
    • Forum Subscriptions​
    • Web Discussions & Community interaction: General web discussions, Money making, SEO, Graphics, Development, Project feedback, general discussion, etc.​
    • Member Adverts: One time offers by other members.​
    • Resource Marketplace: Graphics, themes, plugins, etc.​
    • Link Directory: advertise your site/forum.​
    Hire a Content Poster

    I'm here to inform you that our newest feature "Hire a Content Poster" is now live. For any forum owner, it's hard to receive quality content. Free post exchanges never seem to satisfy our needs. Some content posters charge a crazy amount of money on websites like fiverr or other forums. We're introducing a new pay for quality posts system on Admin Retail. As a forum owner, you will be able to request this service for a small fee and get quality in return. Posts with meaning and value, at least 25 words per reply or more. Pay for what you deserve, quality.

    While we have only just launched the new feature, and thus not many forum owners are available to hire the content posters - we do have some content posters available for hire so as a forum owner, you can now start requesting this service. We are actively advertising this, so everyone should see some increasing activity in this quite soon.

    Forum owners can view an Overview here: (Will be added more to it as we go)

    You will be able to see who's up for hiring, their rating and reviews as well as previous completed offers and more information about their preferred niches, experience, etc. Also, don't forget you can see their quality of content posting on our forum. Our CP'ers have a minimum of 100 posts on our forum to show what quality you can expect from them.

    Forum owners can submit their forum here:

    Once you purchased tokens, decided who you want to hire, you can submit your forum. Content posters have the right to deny or accept your offer. After the completed offer, they can post a review on your topic about their experience.

    If you're interested in joining the Content Posters and want to know about their earnings which can be exchanged into a payout through PayPal: You can find the application topic with some information here:

    Useful Links:
    Submit your forum / FAQ:
    How it works / FAQ:
    Purchase Tokens:
    Content Posters Club: (Only for accepted CP'ers obviously)

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