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    The business world is evolving day by day. Especially after the pandemic, a lot of things changed in the business organization and its operations. So this requires any business to stay ahead and evaluating their processes in the human capital management for better improvement.

    So just keeping up this article to understand the hr auditing.

    What is HR audit?

    An HR audit is the process of reviewing of any businesses hr policies, practices and procedures that ensures the organizational performance.

    HR auditing types:

    Based on the design and objectives there are several types of HR audit can be performed but basically it falls into 3 types.

    1) Compliance Audit – It includes the organizations compliance to the legal requirements. It focuses on the local laws, federal, state regulations on labour standards. It helps to identify the gaps and discrepancies required in the in the rules and regulations.

    2) Strategic Audit – It involves mostly in organization key decisions like restructuring, acquisitions and mergers

    3) Operational Audit – It covers the employee life cycle function, self defense technique, increase the HR effectiveness and efficiency of organization

    How to plan an HR audit

    For full-scale complete HR audit, it requires more resources, time and efforts. The proactive approach and prior planning will give better results. The best time to conduct an audit in the organization based on the needs and schedule. Conducting yearly once over the time can help an organization benchmark improvements.

    Cost of an HR audit

    The cost of an HR audit varies depends on the organization’s scope, objectives, the number of people involved and the size of the audit team.

    Who should conduct an HR audit

    There are best HR auditing companies which can perform an audit, with their high level of expertise team comprising of Certified HR Audit professionals, knowledge and time, have the power of influencing the necessary changes in any organization.
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