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    1. You may post one ad every 24 hours in this section
    2. Please start a new thread for your ad, don't post your ad by replying to another member's ad
    3. Please remember that this is a family friendly forum
    4. We do not allow the advertising of anything illegal or that breaches copyright
    5. We do not allow ads or links to Paid to Click (PTC) or Paid to Read (PTR) sites
    6. Affiliate and referral ID's are only allowed in our Affiliate Links & Referal ID's forum
    7. Please report [​IMG] any ads that do not comply with these rules.
    Buyer Beware
    Although we endeavor to keep spam and scams out of Business Advice Forum, we unfortunately cannot verify the legitimacy of ads posted. Members should complete their own checks before they make a purchase or invest their time into something promoted in an ad. All purchases are made at your own risk.

    Please ask any questions, in relation to these rules in our BAF Help, Suggestions & Announcements section.

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