On-Demand delivery tracking app - Tracks orders in real-time

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    In this busy world everyone prefer fast and instant deliveries when they go for on-demand requirements. To make this happen there will be a need of a tracking app to keep tracking the orders right from the moment it is dispatched and till it reaches the destination!

    This will keep the deliverers, managers and the customers connected within a loop where each one of them can monitor about the orders now and then in real-time. Here the managers can assign the work to the deliverers, the deliverers can track their destination route and the customers can keep an eye on their order and stay updated with their order delivery like where it and when it is about to reach them etc.

    Contus Dart
    a delivery management software available in the market to helps to build an on-demand delivery tracking app with all the options required for tracking in real-time. It comes with excellent features like
    • Route Map Integration
    • Delivery Status
    • Push Notifications
    • Admin Control
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • My Account and much more.
    This scenario creates a smooth delivery process since the deliverers can follow the shortest routes and reach the destination at the earliest. This can delight their customers with on time deliveries!
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