Must Read: Off Topic Discussions Getting An Overhaul

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Joseph.Shivell, Aug 8, 2016.

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    As those of you who have been here awhile know, the "Off Topic Discussions" forum used to be called "Small Talk & Off Topic Discussions", but after awhile the "small talk" got a little too small, with topics like "Are you a boy or a girl?", "What did you buy recently?", and "Do you like cats or dogs more?". Although "Small Talk" disappeared from the title of the forum, the threads remained. So with the permission of the forum owner, beginning today, I will be giving the "Off Topic Discussions" forum a thorough "spring cleaning". I know, it's summer, but the concept is the same. I will be getting rid of, as I put it, "get rid of all the garbage that has accumulated, and any item that has outlived it's usefulness(if indeed it had any)". We also have been talking about setting up new categories, possibly a set of guidelines, so members will know the type of discussions we are looking for.
    We appreciate the members' participation, and look forward to giving you a place to get the valuable advice you need, as well as a place to relax, should you feel the need to do so.
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