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    I believe if helpful to the network to sell products or services, must know the importance of publicity. But the publicity, after all, there are many ways, but exactly which method is most suitable own?
    I would like to know something about e-commerce are to discuss the issue, so that we can progress.
    I used to talk about their own way:
    Google Keyword: promotion of good results, for targeted promotional products, powerful, but more expensive, have a reasonable budget early is important, and should have professional personnel to operate the business for the financial strength of the recommendation.
    B2B: personal feeling too crowded and swelling. If the product is not the front rank, there would not be effective. But the ease of operation, the threshold is low.
    Community sites and forums: the site may bring you some traffic but not too specific.
    I ask you, everyone in this part of the work for product promotion, is how it?

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