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    Meet our Facebook Dog Of The Day, Bosworth the Bulldog Boz. This handsome dog and his family is from Amber, Pennsylvania. With a very sad beginning to his life, Boz is super special to his family – He came into their world when they needed him the most – the family had just lost six of their senior Saint Bernards that year. Boz sad entry into this world was part of a pet store cruelty case. His wonderful mom, had offered to help a saint pup, and once she laid eyes on our buddy Boz, she knew she could not leave him behind. You see, Boz was bred in Missouri at a horrible puppy mill. He was cruelly taken from his mom at only two (2) weeks old, thrown on a tractor trailer only to be be sold to a broker and then to a petstore. At almost five (5) months old w limited human contact, he was sicker than sick…trachea a 3rd the size of what it should be, 1/2ft off under bite, pneumonia, respiratory issues, luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, and mange – only to name a few of his ailments. Boz proved his worth and will to live – he was determind. Not only was Boz determined to live, he was determined to learn, and most important,determined to love. Boz’s moms says, “although he has the typical bully butt temperament (stubborn), he is always ready to.She can’t help but smile when Boz is around. He is truly special to he is family.A gift!!! Thankfully, Boz sad entry into our world has turned into a fairytale ending..

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