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Discussion in 'Website Development & Design' started by walterlouis, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Jun 29, 2012
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    Hey guys.

    I got a website right.Users signup, pay a mnonthly fee, then they can login to a user pannel and from there they got links to open websites that are accessible from within the USA ony like, hulu, netflix, etc.
    I got the website setup for now, but i`m bugged at the actual VPN(i guess) part.
    What do i need to make it work like that ? i guess i need a dedicated server in the USA and make it work as a vpn server right ?

    Can you give me suggestions, advice on how to proceed? I already got like 300-500 users wich will start using the website right away so i need something that can handle and be scalable in the future.

    Any other ideas are welcomed
    thanks: cool:

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