NEW Online Bank 100% Backed By Gold!

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  1. eNumbered

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    Hi, my name is Yitzhal Rosenthal, and I just wanted to let everyone here know about a new online bank which is 100% backed by gold.

    You thought gold standard banking was a thing of the past? Think again! accounts are 100% backed by physical gold bullion locked in vaults.

    Not only is backed by gold, but you can also convert your wealth to gold, and even receive gold bullion withdrawals instead of cash. We ship gold via overnight DHL courier anywhere in the world.

    Why Use Here are just a few good reasons:

    * Bank Online Anonymously / NO ID REQUIRED
    * Avoid Taxes
    * Send & Receive Money Anonymously
    * Accounts 100% Backed by GOLD
    * Fast and Flexible Withdrawal Options
    * Instant Account Opening - Business & Personal Accounts
    * Buy & Sell Online with Anonymous Digital Cash
    * Earn 1.150% Monthly Interest on Savings Deposits
    * Earn Income With Our Affiliate Program
    * Earn High Interest on Fixed-Term Investments
    * Process Payments for High Volume, High Risk Goods
    * Send & Receive Affiliate Payouts Instantly

    Our services include anonymous bank accounts, anonymous digital cash, affiliate payout solutions, funding and payout solutions for high risk businesses (adult, gambling, pharmacy, etc.), high volume payment processing, anonymous money transfer, e-cash payments, high interest investments, buying & selling of gold online, and much more.

    You can even buy and sell gold online instantly using

    Wire transfers take 2-3 days, and we can ship physical gold bullion via overnight DHL courier. Western Union withdrawals are processed within 24hrs. We also offer instant withdrawal options through multiple e-currencies, such as alertpay, cash-x, paxum and more.

    Withdrawal and Deposit options include:

    * Wire Transfer (2-3 days)
    * Cheque (2-3 days)
    * Gold Bullion (2-4 days by overnight courier)
    * Credit Card (Instant)
    * Cash by Mail (2-3 days)
    * Western Union (24hrs)
    * Multiple e-Currencies including solidtrustpay, paxum, alertpay, cash-x, moneybookers, and more (Instant)

    visit to open an anonymous online bank account right now. It's free and takes about 30 seconds.

    Yitzhak Rosenthal
  2. Fergal

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    Thanks for posting your ad here Yitzhak. I notice that your contact page, doesn't include a physical address, why is that? Where is your bank located?

    What reassurances can you give to prospective customers that their money would be safe with your bank?
  3. enumberedcom

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Hi, We are a legally registered corporation in British Columbia, Canada (eNumbered Holdings Inc.)

    Accounts are 100% backed by gold, which makes them actually safer than a 'regular' bank account, and much safer than paypal (where accounts freeze up randomly).
  4. CloptonCapital

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    Mar 18, 2011
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    a. this site had domain privacy NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH A SITE THAT HAS DOMAIN PRIVACY
    b. this sounds and looks incredibly similar to a Panamanian certificate of deposit scam from years ago.
    c. the words anonymous banking should scare you
    d. "account opening is instant" there are numerous regulations that create red tape for opening a bank account, real bank accounts arent "instant" fast maybe but not instant
    e. "All eNumbered accounts pay an interest rate of 1.15% monthly" that screams ponzi scheme. There is no such thing as 12+% gtd a year

    The more I look at this site the more I am certain its a scam. By the way I was just on and this nonsense was being plugged on there as well

    An account being backed by gold doesn't make it "safer" in any regard. Gold is a volitale commodity.
  5. lucy

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    Jul 25, 2013
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    Enumbered is a total rip off there is no gold. Look at their website they call it digital gold. enumbered is popping up on scam sites daily.

    The whole enumbered thing is Big black hole and once your money goes in it never comes out. I know I was an enumbered customer and have spoken to Quentin Barnes many times by email. All lies.

    They want you trust them by their name dropiing bitcoin, paypal, green dot, etc

    These guys are good at what they do and that is get your confindence and then stick the knife in back

    enumbered is really bad news

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