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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BA, Apr 19, 2016.

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    After listening to our members valuable feedback. We have changed many of the forum categories to be much more specific. We think this will help to get even better and more accurate answers. There will be a little bit of a transition period while we reorganize the Threads into the new categories. So you might see some changes in the forum Thread locations over the next couple of weeks.

    If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to let us know!
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    Jan 4, 2017
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    --- News And Announcements
    ------- PC News
    ------- Console News
    --- Bug Reporting (with pc, mac, xbox, and ps4 prefixes)
    --- Technical support
    ------- Pc
    ------- Mac
    ------- Ps4
    ------- Xbox
    --- Smite Tactics
    ------- Questions / Asking For Keys
    --- Forum Specific
    ------- Forum Announcements
    ------- Forum Help

    --- Introduce yourself
    --- General smite discussion
    ------- Playing Now
    --- Strategy and Gameplay
    --- Competitive Discussion (with pc and console prefixes)
    ------- ESport events (with console and pc prefixes)
    --- Looking For Group
    ------- Pc
    ------- Xbox
    ------- Ps4
    --- Art and Media
    ------- Cosplay
    ------- Community Content
    ------- Official content Discussion
    ------- God and Skin Concepts

    Suggestions and Feedback
    --- God feedback
    --- Item feedback
    --- Misc feedback
    --- Console feedback
    --- Mac feedback

    Off Topic (Renamed from Miscellaneous)
    --- General discussion (Renamed from Off Topic)
    --- Serious discussion
    --- Graphics
    --- Other Games (maybe)
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    Thank you for your suggestions. Although BA owns the forum and would make the final decision on any changes, here are my thoughts on your ideas:

    We already have an "Announcements" section for the forum. A news forum for PCs or Game Consoles would be more appropriate for a forum devoted to each type of media, or both. We do have a "Games" subforum, so perhaps news on Game Consoles can be submitted there. For most of the other suggested subforums, they would also be more appropriate for a forum specifically devoted to PCs or Games. "Bug Reporting" would be appropriate for a forum devoted to the product that has the bug being reported. Manufacturers may even have their own forum for this purpose. For "Questions/Asking For keys", I have no idea what that means.
    In the "Community" section, we already have a "New Member Introductions" forum, so an "Introduce Yourself" forum would be unnecessary. As before, most of the others would not be appropriate for a business-related forum, but would be for a forum related to that particular subject. What are "God and Skin Concepts"?
    "God Feedback"? Why? And,what would be the purpose for separating "Item Feedback" and "Misc. Feedback"? "Console Feedback" and "Mac Feedback" would be unnecessary, since they have nothing to do with this forum, and the forum has nothing to do with them. Why give us feedback on something we can do nothing about?
    We don't have a "Miscellaneous" forum, so we can't rename it. The "Off Topic Discussion" forum was cleaned out and redesigned, to separate different topics and get rid of "garbage" threads. A "General Discussion" forum could bring back the "garbage" we got rid of. "Serious Discussion" is redundant, since they should all be serious. "Graphics" would not be appropriate, and we already have a "Games" sub-forum, so "Other Games" is unnecessary(other than what?).
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