Need your feedback on this simple app for small business financial management

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by pranayairan, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Hi All,
    Credits (Money Lend) and Debits(Money borrowed) of money is an important aspect for a lot of small businesses, to keep track of money, small businesses often use pen paper, this is a tedious approach and makes it difficult to keep track of the money, causing loss of money and opportunities.

    To solve this pain and help you in keeping track of all your credits and debits, i created this simple android App debit credit reminder, Link:

    This app helps you in managing all your money credited or debited, It reminds you in time helping you to save time and money.

    I would love to understand if this app solves your problem, please let me know your feedbacks and suggestions.

    Thanks for giving your time and trying the app

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