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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by jeff123, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    I get lot of emails on daily basis and I need a good management to manage them.

    What I am doing currently

    I have a guy hired who take all my important emails and put it in google excel sheet and than I access it

    But most of the time he misses important email and I lose business

    Is there any better way of contact management?

    Also as soon as I speak with one of the client and he tells me to call him tomorrow I need a reminder tomorrow by email to call that client

    In other words I need a better organisation of contacts.

    Let me know what can be done

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    jeff123, I'd say you need to spend a little time retraining your assistant. He appears to not know what's considered important and what's not in your eyes. Did you give him much guidance when you hired him? It would be easy for me to just blame him and say get a new assistant if he's missing vital emails. However if the problem is that he's unclear on what to prioritize, then the situation will repeat itself, no matter who you hire.

    I find myself that crystal clear instructions from the outset save both me and my clients time. I've never been afraid to ask about anything I'm unclear on. I do find sometimes though when I ask for clarification that I don't get a timely response so I have to just do what I think is best. It's very helpful when a boss is easily contactable and responds to queries you need answered so you can do your job right. A few minutes invested in your assistant will pay dividends. I've been both the boss and the assistant and can see the benefits reaped from both sides.

    Could you give him a checklist of some kind to base his assessments upon? I feel that would make life easier for you both. Try asking him how he prioritizes the email so you can see where the current system is breaking down. If you find after retraining he's not up to the task, then that's the time to find someone new, sure. But I feel everyone deserves a second chance.

    For email reminders, I use Backpack. It's very easy to add them and you can schedule when the reminder drops in your inbox, eg an hour, a day, next week, at a specific time etc. If you use Chrome or Firefox there are add-ons that allow you to access it directly from your toolbar, making it even more simple to add a quick reminder entry. You don't even need to go login to the site.

    One question: why do you need the emails in an excel sheet? Would it not be easier to just forward them to you? Another feature Backpack has is you can set up pages, and each page has a specific email address. When an email is sent to the page, a link to the content appears on the page. You could set up pages for different clients and/or one for client related email and one for potential clients, and have him fw them to each individual page. Within the pages you can also add notes and so on.

    Backpack is subscription based, but there is also a free plan that allows 2 users and 5 pages. It has the very basics like reminders and may be enough for the two of you to work with. You can also have notes as I said, lists and writeboards in the free one and share them all between you. All pages are automatically set as private unless you decide to share them with someone. You then give them the permissions to access them.

    The next plan up is $24 a month and allows a thousand pages, a group calendar, a message board and up to 6 users. You can read about the plans here. (The free one is in tiny print under those.) Hope that helps!
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