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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by Espirit, May 14, 2011.

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    May 14, 2011
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    I'm hoping to get some input from folks who are business minded. I feel that I am for the most part but I have a potentially dynamic business model blossoming from some circumstances and I feel like I'm only seeing a fraction of it's potential. I know there could be more to it, but it's like a ton of water trying to trickle out of a tiny crack or something. (That's how my ideas are working in my head right now - they're all swimmin around but what's actually yielding from it is a trickle.)

    So.. here's what I have thus far..

    I have a daily blog that has been increasing in traffic month by month. Through the blog I have been able to make some good connections within the industry I'm tailoring to.

    As a result of that I am starting to get request from folks to write about their specific "good" in hopes that it sells.

    I've been considering developing a community-industry oriented website that hosts website and provides directory listings and Featured listings for the goods and services related to this industry as well.

    On top of that I am also going to be providing web design services based on a content management system to allow more freedom to the website owner to get more interactive with their own website.

    All of these "services", I somehow wish to tie together. I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out pricing and how to really make them all connect smoothly with one another.

    My "web hosting/directory" site is brand new and not many know of it yet because I just developed it within the past couple of weeks. The blog is doing quite well and is integrated nicely with social networks.

    If I can get my act together and get the "web hosting/directory" site well integrated with social networking as well, I may be one of the few in the industry to tap this completely. Many others only barely scrape the surface and focus more on E-mail blasts, which I think is ok, but Twitter and Facebook I think can be more effective.

    So, hopefully, without getting heavily into more details, I was hoping someone out there would be able to offer some sort of perspective from a polished business mindset, to see how all this can connect better than what I am seeing now. Maybe even offer some pricing structure ideas.....

    The blog at this point is all personal perspective. I don't get paid for what I touch on. Just recently someone offered commission though and I've thought about bringing up this directory concept with her but because my pricing feels muddy in my head I'm not really sure how to approach her with the idea.

    Forgive me in advance if this seems muddled and vague. Any thoughts? Questions? All are welcome.

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    May 2, 2011
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    Hi Espirit,

    interesting idea, have you heard the saying? "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" this can indeed be done iv gone as far as adding a events calender,business directory and classifieds section all to one website. for what you are looking for id suggest shopping around don't take the first quote as people might see you as a $ sign! yes you will have awesome features that might be worth a lot of money and that might be the only reason people will take interest, and you will end up paying them half now and wait months for the other half while they try figure it out which is a waste of your time and money, rather ask them to show you similar projects so you can see that they have the potential.

    I hope this helps:)

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