need a financial help 4 my career

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    May 22, 2012
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    Hello i m Hussain 23 From Isl Pakistan
    sorry my English is not good
    actually i need your help if u dont mind
    hope u have listen that sentence that action speaks louder & better then words & words cant b forgotten they can only b forgiven & it may cost more then your taught
    some situation like this is accrued with me
    its a bit long story
    so i only need a help of minimum $6,000 to maximum $10,000 ((((6 thousand TO 10 thousand US dollars))))
    if u can do i will return u that all exactly after 3 months
    what i will make from that after 3 months i will make the cost of starting my career of wildlife photographer which is minimun $1,00000
    so so soooooo plzzzz help me if i cant make that i will return your money to you
    this is the 1st & the last chance 4 me to live my life
    Try to understand PLZ
    if u want my cell no i can give u that to
    thank you

    k1.kone.kevin AT gmail . com

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