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    Oct 9, 2009
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    This post was written in Midautumn Festival In China and collect my tweets daily. I mean sometimes we should look back ourselves in the past to make a summary, that will help you to make something more clear on yourself

    The day before yesterday is October 1st, Chinese National Day, today is midautumn festival in Chinese too, but I'm not happy because of not having a real reunion for me.I'm talking to you but where're you?I list some current tweets of mine on a Chinese similar twitter platform to look back myself these days below:

    Today is midautumn,I'm not happy because of not having a real reunion for me.I'm talking to you but where're you? 22mins ago

    I was always dizzy when I missed her 4hrs ago

    I was near the point of breakdown 5hrs ago

    These days I almost can't hold on,I can feel the pressure from my brain clearly,I don't know how to continue with our relationship,what I am suffering is close to my limits,I'm going to piece 5hrs ago

    It turns out that Premier Zhu Rongji is still cool 2009-10-1 21:29:32

    Can't sleep,I miss you,watch UEFA Champions League 2009-10-1 2:24:7

    I miss you 2009-10-1 0:51:52

    Mama is bathing,it's erogenous for me too 2009-9-30 22:54:0

    Baby just telling me mama is bathing,too ironic for me 2009-9-30 22:31:35

    Don't force me to make decision,that'll be very dangerous for both of us.I promise 2009-9-30 22:20:44

    She said "you waste my a two-year chance" to me.Waste...... 2009-9-30 22:18:54

    What the relation between smoke and sh*t? It seems the former could make the latter speed up 2009-9-30 22:15:15

    Senior official:hello! everyone. soldiers:yes sir! then the senior official pat on one of soldier's chest and said: good muscles! soldier: report to senior official, I'm a Woman 2009-9-30 21:45:34

    Why people smoke when they are unhappy? Now I know the reason for 2009-9-30 20:5:26

    Actually,what I really want is a pure life 2009-9-30 19:42:50

    I'm angry,really 2009-9-30 19:22:23

    Since we got acquainted with each other,all the festival was completely the rough day to me including the latest,there's no exception.Did she take care of my feeling even for just once? No 2009-9-30 18:54:15

    Fail to meeting at National Day,how low I am! She won't understand me 2009-9-30 18:11:24

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