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Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by aprces, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Oct 9, 2009
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    I've hardly written a "100% original"in my lastest post in another website, but when your hard working was ignored by others,what's your mood?But it's really others' matter? I tried to ask myself,was there anything mistook happen to me? I didn't think back until I read something stuff about headline writing,maybe it would has an effect

    There has something that I first heard about which is called in "Microcontent".It can be represented in different kinds of contexts,just like headline writing here.There has some tips and notes we can reference below(I used my words summarized under my understanding):

    # Make it clear and put your clarity directly
    # Use the clean words without any ambiguous hints
    # Don't do some hooks with your sensationalism
    # Reduce words like "a" "the" as possible as you could
    # First word in mirocontents should be detailed,exact and specific
    # Reusing the same is not a good method

    I'm not certain all above is the reason for getting less responses,but the only thing that I can believe is I really didn't achieve these standards above,maybe they were my lost points,maybe,I hope so......:)

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