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Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by revgenteam, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Jul 17, 2012
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    I am relatively new to this forum, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I am having.

    I cannot seem to find a good way to promote my webinar's via social media. You can view my website here:

    I want to reach my target market, but am having a tough time finding that as well. Please give me any advice that you think that I would find helpful!

    thank You,
  2. StarkSEM

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    First, figure out what your target is. For example, I'm assuming by your signature, you're targeting businesses. The best way to market businesses is through social interaction. Like these forums. You're around a ton of people like you, trying out different strategies and using different things, why not allow them to help spread the word?

    Sit around in this forums awhile, figure out what the audience wants, then make a webinar that is for a group that you are familiar with.

    ... As far as SMM, you are fine with doing any other marketing techniques used for any other website. The topic of your webinar would be your focus. If you wanted to do it a more organized way, you could add your webinar's topic as a subdomain, for example:

    And market it that way. People can see that easily and most hosting services gives you unlimited sub domains.
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