Mark your Calendars! Golden Opportunity for the startups and young entrepreneurs. !!!

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    An Evening with Dr. Anil Lamba, Founder and Director of Lamcon School of Management,Author of the bestseller ''Romancing the Balance Sheet'',Trainer of top 10 CEOs of India,Business Tycoon,Financial literacy activist,Writer.
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    Dr Anil Lamba : (From his book, best seller "Romancing the balance sheet")

    1. Be Passionate – This should be a given because self-belief can truly go a
    long way. Your business could have great potential to make some money and
    achieve uncanny success but, if for the slightest second you don't believe in it,
    it's going to make your job that much tougher convincing other people to
    believe in it.

    2. Follow your passion – There are far too many get rich quick schemes out
    there that leave a lot of entrepreneurs thinking about the fastest way they can
    make a few dollars. That type of mentality will always have you seeking out
    new “schemes” to find the one that's legit. As an entrepreneur, you should
    ALWAYS do a business you're passionate about. A business that's in your
    heart. Passion will be what sustains and drives you through the up and down
    times. Once you’re passionate about it and you do it right, the money will still
    come. Entrepreneurship is a bumpy road, and there will be days when you
    want to pack it in and days when you can’t imagine doing anything else.

    3. Be Committed - Hand in hand with passion comes commitment. From the
    very first day you'll need to be dedicated and work incredibly smart. This will
    mean not hanging out with friends as often or even not going to an event that
    “everyone's” going to. In order to get your business off the ground and
    eventually successful, you have to be committed to it. Ask yourself if you are
    seriously prepared to sacrifice and commit to your business. Ask yourself if
    you're willing to put in those long hours needed to get things done. Ask
    yourself if you're willing to “struggle” for the months that you WILL struggle
    and still be dedicated to your business. If you are, then you definitely have the
    commitment and passion to be successful in your business.

    4. Think Big – You ever hear the saying “Think big and you'll get big?” It's a
    saying that many starting entrepreneurs need to actually pay attention to and
    take action on. Far too many entrepreneurs are focused only on the short
    term. They only think about the “right now” and not where they want
    themselves and their business to go. Don't make this mistake. Doing so, will
    only limit your opportunities. Think big, within reason, and get rid of your
    narrow minded planning.

    5. Focus – Many entrepreneurs starting up don't actually believe how
    important and critical focus really is. It is so easy in the early days to flip the
    script and chase a dollar because it's there rather than focus to make a few
    hundred dollars. It can easily draw you off path and have you becoming so
    diffused in your efforts that you are not making progress down the path
    you’ve defined. Be disciplined enough to really have focus.

    6. Plan – Before you start any business, you must plan. There is absolutely no
    excuse to not put together detailed, disciplined business plans. Set objectives
    for yourselves. Set benchmarks for yourself and don’t let yourself get knocked
    off course. Develop contingency plans. Discipline yourself to put together a
    very detailed plan. What does success look like and when will you get there?
    When you strategically plan for your business, unexpected issues that come up
    won't be detrimental to your business.

    7. Have A Goal – Following up on the last point, it’s important to have a plan
    in place where you’ve mapped out where you want to take your business. Set
    clear goals so that once you meet them you can justify spending money to get
    you to the next step.

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