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    This is the easiest way to make money on the web!
    This can be done by everyone in the world! It’s a down line investment and very cheap, just read through and invests. It is 100% legal and it is a big hit, just takes 15-30 minutes and a small 5 dollar investment. You probably have seen this before, but it really works. Give it a try, think of how you waste 5 dollar in a day, weeks or month. It is a minor investment with great rewards; this 5 dollar could actually change your life forever. If you could start an investment of 5 dollar and make 800,000 dollar over the next year would you do it?
    Proven by various highly respected U.S, T.V and Radio programs as been 100% legal
    If a 15 year old boy could make $71,000 in just 5 weeks and others $250,000 in a few weeks so you can!
    Would you like to make $71,000 or $250,000 in a few weeks?
    Everyone can participate, earn your money, sell your money on liberty reserve, cash your money in your local bank account and enjoy!
    STEP 1: You must have a liberty Reserve Account. (if you do not have a liberty reserve account you can go to libertyreserve dot com) and follow the instruction to create a free account, liberty is 100% secure and is used by millions world wide, but make sure you see a padlock at the down right corner when you open the site to assure its security, create a new account, confirm your account from your email box and copy your account number, password, pin and master key in a safe place for security reasons.
    STEP 2: Follow the instruction on how to fund your account, fund with $6(you will use $5 and $1 will be in your account),after funding, what you have to do is Transfer 1 dollar through Transfer tab on liberty home page to each of the liberty account number below;
    1). U9764580
    2). U1743268
    3). U0889630
    4). U5959553
    5). U2040262
    NB: transfer should be done one at a time
    This is a current 2011 account list (registered under liberty), and when you send, under the comment just write" Please add me to your account list".
    Remember all this is legal! You are creating a service if you have any doubt; please refer to title 18 sec 1302&1241 of the United States postal law
    STEP 3: Adding your own liberty reserve account
    After you send $1 to each of the account above, copy and paste this message on MICROSOFT WORD or NOTEPAD etc and then add your account number to the above list at position 5 and take number 1 account number off the list then shift (#2 to #1),(#3 to #2),(#4 to #3),(#5 to #4) and put your account number at #5 .Now your account number( liberty reserve account) is in position 5
    Make sure the account you supply is exactly the same as it appears on liberty reserve
    STEP 4: Save your mailing list first, then copy and paste the entire message you saved into at least 200 message board (the more you post the more you make money) or discussion forum, news forum, money making message boards, employment message board, business message boards, money making forum etc, there are thousands of them just go to,, etc, and type message boards you will have to register free in some of this forums before you can post a message. Fill the subject which will be the header that everybody sees as they scroll through and that’s it.
    When you post 200 messages in various forums, it is estimated that at least 15 people will respond and send you $1 each and that gives you $15,then 15 people will post 200 messages each and 15 × 15=225people will respond and that gives you $225 and this goes on up to 5 stages then your account number will be out of the list and can start again from stage 1 but by then you are already a millionaire but note if you spam, your account number will be removed.(they know how to detect frauds).
    For comprehensive purpose, here is an easy viewing chart; you can do the calculations in your country's currency.
    15(1) =15people ($1) =$15
    15(15) = 225people ($1) =$225
    15(225) =3375people ($1) =$3375
    15(3375) =50625people ($1) =$50625
    15(50625) =759375people ($1) =$759375
    You will receive money in few days! Give 10% to church, mosque or charity, put aside 60% for taxes, savings, invest, and enjoy the rest of the money!
    You can fund your liberty reserve account through exchangers or search on how to buy dollars on liberty reserve home page.
    You can also sell the money you make on liberty reserve, just click the sell tab. The more you post, the more you make money.
    "Try this money making investment and see how your life will transform to riches! It has changed my life and that’s why the message is Free!”
    You all got to trust me, I swear to God I can never cheat you. Just give it a trial and give your testimonies.
    For more enquiries, you can forward your message to (

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