Make $6,500+/month on autopilot + PROOF—Step-by-step Blueprint,Instant download,No op

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    How I make $6,500+/month on autopilot + PROOF—Step-by-step Blueprint, Instant download, No opt-in


    Hello, Fellow Internet Marketers:

    What I am offering you today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have been making thousands of dollars monthly with a specific service provider for years. I provide every proof you need in my e-book. You can even contact the merchant to confirm; I will give them my authorization to do so. But, first, here are three screenshots for the record:

    Earnings overview:*


    Last member payments over the past six days (until December 20, 2011, 9:00 pm EST):*


    Payments sent to my account bimonthly for the past seven months:


    *Screenshots taken on December 20, 2011, around 9:00 pm EST, on one of my accounts. I own several. Please note that these are payments from my sites alone using the exact techniques I teach in this blueprint. My referral income is not included in these screenshots.

    Key Metrics

    Around 193 hours have been dedicated to the research and creation of this report. I have invested more than $1,800 into the development of this e-book, including proofreading, layout improvement, graphic cover, PDF conversion, and secure protection and encryption.

    Today, it is yours for FREE.

    And, now, I am sharing with you the complete step-by-step blueprint on how I make more than $6,500 a month on complete autopilot. In this report, no stone is left unturned. I show you everything: which specific provider to join as an affiliate, how to do very accurate keyword research to find golden keywords, how to set up your affiliate campaigns, how to drive highly targeted traffic and how to convert that traffic into sales, how to track your progress, and even how to make a high, self-perpetuating residual income from your own referrals using your own private-label version of this report. I am pretty much doing all the work for you. And all of this is 100% FREE.
    You can easily make $2,000 to $3,000 a month with this method within a short amount of time (depending on how hard you work the strategy). This is 100% autopilot money, and the best thing is this method is 100% scalable, meaning the more time you spend applying what I teach you (believe me, I pretty much reinvented step by step!), the more residual income you will make month after month indefinitely. Of course, I won’t lie to you—some work is involved. But I teach you in so much detail that anyone can do it. This report has been created with beginners in mind, although more-advanced Internet marketers can also benefit from it.

    Before you ask, this method has never been shared or used before (not as far as I know, anyway), and it is 100% white hat.

    The strategy has been developed to work with a very specific service provider in the dating niche. This method has nothing to do with e-whoring or other tricks you might have seen before, and the provider you will be using is 100% in agreement with the techniques I am teaching you. This method will work much better with this specific provider, but, if for any reason you don’t want to use this affiliate program or you have an existing business you would like to use to implement these techniques, this e-book is also for you. If you want to use my secret weapon on anything other than what I recommend, please do so. This method will work with pretty much anything, but you will be leaving a lot of money on the table in my opinion.

    In this report, I also explain my exact strategies for recruiting referrals and making them successful in their own businesses! And I will personally create a private-label version of this PDF for you at your request, with your own referral ID! This allows you to use and share this book repeatedly, with your own affiliate ID, and make an easy lifetime residual income from your referrals! This e-book is not only the best “selling tool” you will ever come across for recruiting referrals, but it is also the best educational tool to teach them how to be successful using this method, which makes you successful at the same time. You will make a lifetime 10% income from all the referrals you recruit using this report. Sharing such an effective Internet marketing report for free to people willing to make money online, when all the work has been done for you, is easy work in my opinion, and it will pay extremely well, especially in the long run.

    Because I know some of you will want to know why I am sharing this powerful technique, I will be straightforward with you. I operate a private-label version of the affiliate program I recommend (I am so good at what I do that they offered to create it for me 100% free of charge), and I am confident you will make loads of money using my techniques. The provider will pay me commissions on your earnings (you don’t lose anything, of course, plus I give you a bonus you can’t refuse: a huge extra commission on your sales!), so you will actually make much more money joining under me. Also, I am planning to sell this e-book in the future for $49 to $99, so I will use your feedback to improve it and for social proof when I start selling it. Also, remember that the more money you make, the more money I make. So I have every reason to share everything I know to make that kind of money, and that’s exactly what I did. My goal is to make you rich, and both of us will succeed if you put the required effort into it.

    Last but not least, this is my second Internet marketing report. I write only successful and effective reports that make people tons of money. I am pretty much the guy behind e-whoring. This powerful technique started to develop on Digital Point Forums after I created this topic:

    Make $10,000+ A Month With Gumtree And Craigslist - New Unique Report, Never Shared !

    This thread is more than 100 pages and 2,000 posts in only two months, and I am the one who asked the moderators to close it (see the last post for proof; I explain why in the introduction to my blueprint). More than 1,000 people on Digital Point Forums alone read my e-book, and hundreds of them successfully implemented my techniques. At the time, this was the most popular thread on Digital Point Forums. If you don’t believe that I am the OP of this thread, I will update something on the profile just so you know I still own the account. Just go through the thread and read the reviews; you will be amazed. I made a lot of people a lot of money.

    And now, four years later… I am doing it again.

    I will be making you a lot of money with this step-by-step blueprint. And, just like I did with my black hat e-book, I am sharing this Internet marketing blueprint 100% free of charge, with instant download and no opt in required.

    So, what are some of the main benefits of this method?

    • The entire process of my strategy is 100% free. Absolutely no start-up or advertising costs are involved! Some software and services will help you automate and scale the process. However, the software programs do have costs, but you don’t need them to start making big bucks!

    • I recommend tested and proven tools and services in this blueprint that range anywhere from $30 to $1,000. These are powerful tools that I recommend once you start making big money, but, to demonstrate that this is a genuine and unbiased report, I am not including any affiliate links for these products and services! I want you to make money, not waste money!

    • You do not need to be a professional Internet marketer or an advertising expert. Even a complete newbie can start making money instantly at absolutely no cost!

    • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or pyramid system. The strategy is based on a 100% white hat Internet marketing method, combined with a specific free-to-join affiliate program that pays extremely high commissions.

    • This is a long-term strategy; you won’t make thousands overnight, but, once the money starts flowing, I promise you will make more and more money every month on complete autopilot. Of course, the more you work the strategy, the more you will be making in the long run.

    • Unlike most systems, you can stop working once you have enough members and still generate thousands of dollars of residual monthly income for years to come. But, again, the more you work the strategy, the more long-term money you will make.

    • You will be amazed at how easy the process is and how quickly you can start attracting targeted traffic by following my step-by-step techniques, sending dozens of members to your affiliate websites every day in the process.

    • I include at the end of this report a very easy way of making a huge residual income that will grow exponentially month after month on complete autopilot. I will turn this quality blueprint into your own rebranded marketing tool with your affiliate ID (not mine!). I also provide you with easy step-by-step free methods to share it with thousands of people instantly, along with all the promotional material you need to start making money overnight! And, you get to keep 100% of the profits!

    • Unlike other free Internet marketing–related products, you don’t have to give me your email address to download my free report. I won’t try to sell you any product or service either. In fact, you won’t ever hear from me again after your download!

    Now that you know what makes this blueprint so unique and how it is such a great money-making opportunity for you, here are the only things I ask of you:

    1. After downloading my report, do not mention the name of the affiliate program I recommend on this thread. This is the secret ingredient of my strategy; the only way you can discover it is by reading my blueprint.

    2. You will not request my blueprint via PM. You must request the blueprint on this thread. Just post something like “please send me your report,ˮ and I will PM it to you immediately if I’m online or within a few hours if I’m not.

    3. You agree to read the blueprint carefully and to submit a review on this thread within 30 days of reading it. I don’t care if the feedback is positive or negative because I am confident in my report and I want you to tell the world what you think of it. Again, I am planning to sell this in the future for $49 to $99, so I will use your feedback to improve it and for social proof when I start selling it. I will say it again: by requesting a free copy of my report, you agree to submit a review on this thread within 30 days of receiving it.

    I strongly recommend that you watch this thread—it will be hot!

    Thanks for reading,


    PS: You will thank me later for making you rich.

    PPS: I may or may not stop sharing this report at any point without further notice because I am planning on selling it in the future. Grab it for free while you can.

    PPPS : What are you waiting for? Post on this thread to request your free review copy now!


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