Make $30 per day Youtube+Clickbank-Easiest Method

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    This is the easiest method I know that makes me $30 per day.15 mins per day(sorry for my bad english)

    No investment required

    Step1. Create an affiliate account with clickbank

    Step2. Create a free account with animoto

    Step3. Create a Youtube account

    Step4. Choose Long tail keywords with low competition always

    Go to clickbank marketplace and choose a product,health converts best,choose a product that have a good landing page,that is attractive.
    For example I choose a grey hair product.I went to google keyword tool looked for grey hair.I found a keyword that has a low competition with approximately 8000 monthly searches.I googled grey hair on images and download some good pictures.Then i created a free video on animoto with these pictures and attractive text and uploaded the video on youtube. I use bitly to cloak the affiliate link. Then in the video description,i insert the exact keyword that i found on google keyword tool for the title,insert the same keyword in the description and wrote a little testimonials on how i eliminated grey hair and add the keywords in the description again.After some days,i start getting views from my video and when i searched for the exact keyword on google,my video was on 1st page and 1st position.

    when you search for a product on google,you will see that youtube videos for the product are on first page right?when i choose the long tail keyword with low competition and no video on youtube is using the same keyword,so thats how my video get on 1st page on google easily as no one is using the exact long tail keyword.

    The best part of this method is that you are the owner of your videos,you created it and did not copied from other guys on will never ban you for copyright infringement.your video will be original compared to so many copied videos on youtube.

    Blakamia just posted a tool for long tail keyword free on BHW in Blackhat Seo Tools

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