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    I have a 2 years experience in the marketing field, and I think it's time to move on. I was hoping to start a small business, probably in a niche category, that provides adequate income and most importantly good work life balance. I came across wholesaler in Ontario, who's services include product development, packaging, labeling and delivery services. My buddy, who is an active Juul user have encouraged me to go ahead with my plan. But when I researched about the industry, all I saw was large active players, I couldn’t find, budding startups looking to tape this opportunity. I think this both interesting and scary at the same time, but now I am confused, do you think I should go ahead with my business plan to develop fresh flours, unique to my business, or should I check something else. The main advantage that I think, I have is the ability to use their infrastructure and knowledge to develop and produce my product, kinda like what Apple does with its phones, but my concern is, just like what happened with Apple, my flavors, or similar ones should not be used by others. So, guys, should I go ahead with co-developing flavors or is their some other way around.
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