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Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by nbt310, May 23, 2012.

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    I'm sure this question has come up many times before and has been answered, I have combed through the forums to find an answer that would apply to my situation and here I am. I will soon be forming a new LLC with another person, it is a creative business (creative production/film/video/content), my soon to be business partner currently resides in MO, he also has residency in TX and I have residencies in TN and CA. We will be shooting content all over the country, and doing post production most likely in all four states mentioned (we work remotely - mostly). We will also most likely have a lawyer based in Los Angeles to provide us with applicable services based on the Motion Picture industry - also given that further down the road (several years) we may go for full film productions in which we would need to hire a staff and have a need for liability protection. But for now until several years we will be doing small projects, one of us shoots somewhere, passes the content on to the other, wherever they are who finalizes the product. We are leaning on MO, (1 - because it appears to have less costs and 2- because he resides there), and if we went this route we would most likely open a bank account in MO while the other would have access to the account in CA having dual ownership.

    My questions are:
    1) is it safe to go ahead with MO (and or TX and or TN), since most our business will be done remotely and one half of us resides in MO (and specifically in those four states mentioned - TX, TN, MO, CA), given my circumstance and apply for a foreign LLC in CA WHEN we get to doing full scale productions there (many years from now) and if so, would a CA lawyer be able to represent us for business counsel (not LLC counsel but business counsel, specifically creative/IP consultation)? If we do this, would we pay double fees for both CA and MO? Or would we not have to pay CA fees until we do a production there and have a need.
    2) should we lean on a CA LLC now to avoid major complications with the state of CA later because CA is a b***?

    Thank you for your time to everyone who reads this

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