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    As business owners we're always trying to find more profitable ways to make a steady, long-term online income. After a few years of building sites and monetizing them with affiliate products I wanted to step back, take some time and figure out how to really build a reliable, lasting business for myself. I knew that email marketing (or as it's also known: permission marketing) was probably my best bet.

    For email advertising to work your prospect must be prepared to subscribe to whatever marketing material you are offering. One technique of getting targeted leads to sign up for your e-mail list is by providing them a free ebook or guide. When first starting out, I believe that building your business this way is essentially a numbers game; the more folks you have on your list that you can e-mail to the better chances you have of making income. It's also important to quickly build a relationship with your subscribers because you want them to continue to stay on your list.

    One reason that people who are just starting out do not make the effort to build an email list is simply because they believe that collecting names and email addresses is too difficult, expensive and time consuming. While in some ways all of this can be true, you are also going to find that by relentlessly building your list you'll be continuously building your chances of making more money in the future.

    The Basics:

    The first thing you need is a website with a squeeze page, or landing page of some kind.

    The second thing to consider is set up an autoresponder account somewhere. Aweber, Trafficwave, MailChimp, whatever suits your budget. Make sure that you find a autoresponder service that you can afford and will stay with for the long haul as transferring your list over to another company is possible, but not easy.

    The third thing you should consider to do is put an optin form on your site either in the form of a popup or off to the side in your navigation sidebar. Obviously in order to get leads to sign up for your info, your site should also be providing visitors with some kind of valuable information that they need. If your stats show that they are leaving too quickly, you'll want to make some changes.

    If your site, or more importantly your free ebook, is interesting and actually provides some kind of valuable information there's also a pretty good chance they will even tell others about your site. You should make it as easy as possible for them to share your information by adding a 'Like' or 'Tweet' to the bottom of the page. If you're using Wordpress, I actually like a plugin called Shareaholic. It's free, simple to use and looks great on your site.

    For those of you who haven't started building your list yet, you should realize that there's no time like right now. It may take a while, but the longer you wait the longer it will be.

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