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Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by preciosa001264, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, so I apologize if this thread is misplaced. I graduated from The University of Chicago just a few weeks ago with a BA in Romance Languages and Literatures (I plan to go into business at the international level). However, the majority of my electives are in econ, stats, calc, etc and I have been very involved with a Women in Business club where I've had the opportunity to practice many financial tools such as valuations and excel modeling (like DCF). Unfortunately, I was unable to do any sort of business/finance-related internships during my academic career (I have other work experience though) and it seems that while I have at least the very basic knowledge, firms don't seem willing to risk hiring someone who doesn't have a more appropriate major.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for less competitive/finance major specific jobs that I might have a better chance at? I plan to start a part-time MBA program in two years so I'd really like to see where my interests lie. I've considered administrative or executive assistant work at a financial firm where I would hope to take on more technical responsibilities. I've also applied for a few management and operations-like positions without much luck. Suggestions of any sort would be extremely appreciated! Thank you!
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    Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to Business Advice Forum, preciosa. :D

    Your coursework is very diverse and that could be a problem. Romance Languages and Literatures I can see going together but calc, stats and econ? You should be looking for something where your major will not be wasted, not a finance job. Employers have plenty of grads that majored in finance related degrees to pick from. No wonder you're not getting anywhere.

    Focus on roles related to the strengths of your BA, not the electives. How about seeking out non-profits for the arts and looking for administrative/marketing jobs within that at senior management levels? Finance work alone seems a waste but perhaps you could combine the two by being involved in grant allocation for a literary arts organization or trust, for example.

    Here's a directory of nonprofits, website addresses included. See if any catch your eye and visit their site for job opportunities.

    I'm guessing you're from Chicago since you went to Uni there. Look at the It brings together nonprofits in Illinois. You may find some leads there in amongst the news and so on.

    At the very least you could contact them and see if they can suggest any group you should apply to for work. Nonprofits are very good at looking out for each other and networking. I worked for one voluntarily years ago and they are more like a family than anything. If one was looking for staff, the others knew it.

    You may want to think about how much you want to share about starting that part-time MBA in a couple of years. Companies aren't keen on training up employees only to have them leave within a short time or look to reduce their hours. Unless you plan to do it online or outwith working hours, and can say 100% that it will be non-disruptive to your job, I'd keep that quiet.

    I'm curious about why you chose what you did in the first place. Was there a particular career path you had in mind when you went for Romance Languages and Literatures?

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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