Learn to expect success and no door shall be closed to you - The successful mind.

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    I think an important and often over looked element to running a successful business is having a successful mindset.

    I'm a firm believer in 'You get what you think', meaning, if you are constantly thinking that your business is never going to take off or you're miles away from being successful or your sales are never going to increase, then that's exactly the result you'll get.

    I known some fairly successful people and they all seemed to have this positive outlook at all times. One gentleman in particular sticks out in my mind. He operated a pretty high-traffic website and would discuss ideas with me when deciding to open another. He always seemed to be in a positive mood and fairly upbeat about whatever the future may bring. Needless to say pretty much everything this guy touched turned to gold and while he didn't open many web sites, the ones he did open were largely successful.

    It seems that those who expect success often receive it. Food for thought. :)
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    I beleive this is true but money should not the true measure of success.
    We should measure a persons success by the way they are respected in the community that they live in. Our health is more important than any wealth we may have, if we beleive we are sick our inner body or soul or guarding angle or whatever you want to called it will give us what we want and make us sick. We see this in placebo drugs where people thought they were taking drugs that would make them better, got better the mind is able to work wonders.
    It is the same in business, if we beleive we will succeed we will try harder and with a positive outlook we will.

    :) When the sick women touched our Lords cloak 2000 years ago he said "she was cured because she belived" It is still the same today.

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