Keyword Competitiveness - Could anyone offer any advice to this newcomer?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by neilfriston, Jul 8, 2010.

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    About SEO, my knowledge is almost negligible though I do know a little about PPC. In these particular two areas, I need some advice.

    1. Surrounding my particular keywords, how can I determine the level of competition that is present? The usage of advanced SEO techniques is necessary in an area where the competition levels are high, is what is indicated in the article ‘SEO – the basics’. How can you tell though?

    2. My URL has three numbers in it. So, is there a possibility that after going through my website, Google spiders will think that it is a session ID?
  2. Fergal

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    Nov 18, 2007
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    One simple way to do this is to do an "All in Title" search for the keyword in Google. This shows you how many sites are using that keyword in their title - the fact that they are using the keyword in their page title tag, is a strong indication that they are competing for that keyword. You can do an "All in Title" search on Google by entering the following into the Google search box;

    For example, if you search for allintitle: "business advice" on, you will see that there are about 264,000 sites that use the keyword in their title tag. If you repeat the search for allintitle: "irish business advice" there are only 4 results, hence it is a much less competitive term.

    You can also use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to estimate how competitive your keywords are. This tool gives you Google's view as to how competitive the keyword is, using a green horizontal bar, similar to their page rank indicator.

    Other indications that a particular keyword is competitive include;

    • There are a lot of sponsored listings for the keyword
    • The top ranking sites for the keyword are all trying to sell something
    • The top ranking sites for the keyword all have high PR.

    Don't just base your decision on which keyword to use, on how competitive the keyword is. You also need to ensure that the keyword is relevant to your website and that there is a decent amount of searches for that keyword. Going back to my "irish business advice" example, Google shows that there are less than ten searches per month for that term (a surprise to me, I have to admit). There would probably not be much to be gained from ranking highly for a search term with such low volumes.

    I honestly don't think that would be an issue. Google is smart enough to recognize a session ID when they see one.

    Good luck with your site and please do let us know if you have any further questions.
  3. Joseph.Shivell

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    In addittion to the keyword tool Fergal mentioned, You can also try Google's Traffic Estimator once you know what keywords you want to use. Using one of the links in your signature as a reference, I checked on the phrase "home fitness system", and found that it gets about 2900 clicks per month. Since the phrase is both relevant and competitive, this would probably be a good phrase to pursue.

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