Key to building a successful downline in any MLM

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    Although there are literally thousands of MLMs out there... the one real key to building a successful downline in any of them is to be involved in an organization that provides a product or service that "YOU" believe in. It is also important to find an MLM that allows you to focus more on the products and services that their organization provides more than the downline requirement of promoting the "OPPORTUNITY". One of the things I have learned through the years is that most of the MLMs I have dealt with that focused on the job opportunity more than the product were closer to being a scam than an MLM.

    Think about this... If an MLM provides a product or service at a value or price that captivates you and makes you want to buy it... then how easy will it be to promote the products & services to others (which is what the company is supposed to do). If your customer sees the value as you did... then he or she will be more likely to want to promote the products or services themselves making your downline more profitable. If an MLM wants to focus more on the "opportunity" then the products and you manage to create a downline of say 200 people you will be less likely to make anything at all because the people in your downline will not be focused on the product or service value.

    The truth is I can make more money from a downline of 20 people from an MLM that provides an inexpensive and valuable product than I can from a downline of 2000 from an MLM who offers products that are not really competitively priced or even needed and just wants to focus on the business "opportunity". So remember the key to developing a succesful downline is finding an organization that gets you excited about promoting their products and services first... not promoting their business opportunity! A truly good MLM will not need promotion if they offer tangible value... The "opportunity" will promote itself.

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