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    BAF is hiring for the following positions:

    Community Liaison 1.0 - Moderation of the different forums, including issuing warnings and removal of posts that violate the forum rules. Applicants for this position must be familiar with the forum rules and must not only follow them themselves, but be willing to enforce them where necessary, as much as necessary.

    Community Liaison 2.0
    - In addition to the responsibilities of a "Community Liaison 1.0", the member in this position will literally be a "community liaison" between the members and staff, ensuring that they are aware of the forum rules, helping them to write an "Introduction" post, and introducing them to the "Member Questions, Feedback & Suggestions" forum, should they have any problems. Moderation should be concentrated on these two forums, ensuring that members writing an introduction post actually introduce themselves rather than saying things like "I am new here" or "Newbie" here.

    Above all, members in these positions should remember that we are not "police", although we can be if necessary, but are here to help them make the forum a place they can get, or give, any assistance they need.

    Please let us know which position you are applying for and why you think you would be a great fit for the BAF community.

    To get started create a new thread. Nobody can see your post except for you and the BAF moderators. It's completely private.
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